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NC Free Legal Help is a public service provided by the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, an association of attorneys practicing across North Carolina dedicated to Protecting People’s Rights.

The 500-plus attorneys listed in the NC Free Legal Help database have agreed to provide free initial legal information through a phone call or email exchange. The participants will not provide legal advice but will provide you with information about the law. Consultations initiated through Free Legal Help typically will last no more than 10 minutes.

To use the service, simply click here or click the words "Find an Attorney" on the left. Your query will produce a list of attorneys with expertise in your area of legal interest or concern. The North Carolina Advocates for Justice encourages you to use this service to gain a better understanding of the legal issues you may confront.

When contacting attorneys listed in the Free Legal Help directory, please indicate that you received the contact information from the North Carolina Advocates for Justice's Free Legal Help database. 

Please note that participation in this program is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship between you and the participating attorney or the North Carolina Advocates for Justice.


No part of this directory may be reproduced, photocopied, entered into a computer database or copied in a handwritten format without the prior written permission of NCAJ.

Violators are subject to prosecution under federal copyright laws.

Be careful not to communicate personal information to the attorney, particularly by email because in that circumstance you may not be assured that the information would remain confifidential.

Although it is unlikely, it might be possible that the attorney you email already represents a party to the dispute.


The North Carolina Advocates for Justice is a nonpartisan association of legal professionals dedicated to protecting people’s rights through community, education, and advocacy.


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